Communication in Customer Service

Bad customer service always leaves a bad impression and a negative PR on any organization. An organization that would thrive would invest heavily in having a well-structured and professional customer service team and system. The reason for this is not far-fetched: every organization seeks acceptance from the general public as more acceptance could lead to more potential customers, which could translate to more sales. This will in turn increase the turnover rate of any organization. Communication is core in customer service and the tone of communication also goes a long way in determining the satisfactory rate of a client. Sometimes, it is very possible to communicate a solution using the wrong tone, and sometimes it is possible to communicate a seemingly-like solution professionally.

Virtual Book Keeping

With the emergence and acceptance of remote work, lots of professions and professionals are beginning to see the need to go virtual. Companies such as Meta and Twitter have provided a full-blown remote option for their workers and this has been effective as it’s been proven to save a lot of overhead costs.

How to Pitch

Pitching your business is like drawing up a resume for your business. Prospective clients want to have a grasp of what you do and how your business can help actualize their business goals and objectives. Hence, it is very important to be able to give a summary of your business in a few words and depth. Today, we would be highlighting the core that should be enclosed in your business pitch.